Thursday, February 26, 2009

Green build !!

For a developer nothing in the world makes him happier than a green build. ( Well of course there are things like Wii, a power book, an iPhone, an Audi A4 - but they all cost..a lot.). There was one suite that was failing the build consistently for the past few days. I could have just commented it out and said to myself - will fix it later. It is as bad as Satyam's Raju inflating his accounts. Because the commented test will never get fixed ( trust me - it might get deleted but never fixed ) and more functionality will be built on this untested one. It is better to have a failing build than have a green build which just gives a delusion that everything is alright.

Anyway, I fixed the tests - it took some time but got a green build in the end and the world feels alright !

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi Renault...

At times when I feel bored, I will randomly pick an ip address from the logs and see where it is from ( ) - and wonder of wonders - this ip address originated from Renault's network in France. Hmm...when will Ferrari's computer browse Apartment Adda?

My advice to politicians - do not take credit for SDM winning oscar

The  Congress spokesperson says that Congress has created a "conducive environment" that has led to the emergence of 'Achieving India' during the UPA rule and hence the oscar.

Perhaps he did not see the movie ? The movie glorified India's slums and the filth that is associated with our country. And Congress has created a "conducive environment". Amen to that. 

Please think twice before you try to take credit for everything. 

Vista is an A$$

In my blog post a year back ( ) I had given a favourable review of Vista. Now i take everything back that I said.

Earlier I thought my Dell 620 ( had a Vista performance rating of 3.0 ) was not man enough to run Vista - so I was forgiving. But now I have a Dell Studio 17 which has a performance rating of 5.0 - and it is still troubling me.  Here are the reasons :

1. I have an apple USB keyboard with the mouse attached to it. Every time the machine comes out of sleep I have to wait 1 minute before it gets activated. And yes the year is 2009 and it takes such a long time for Vista to detect a USB device/hub. Good job.

2. BSODs - I see it 2 to 3 times a week. I still have not found a pattern and I do not have any freebies off the net. 

3. I am in Bangalore and power goes off frequently. And along with it my internet connection goes off. Mostly I will be connected to Apartment Adda through putty and it will stop responding. The CPU usage will shoot up to 100%. It took a long time before I found this problem. I started suspecting that my machine got infected and ran scan after scan. 
How did the kernel overlords allow any process to consume 100% CPU - that too a lowly SSH client called putty which is 300KB in size.

4. Search and Indexing is a joke. Microsoft is trying to compete with Google? Good luck. 

5. Finally, booting speed. It is as slow as Windows 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Windows XP. Nothing has changed. I have to start the laptop, go brush teeth, read newspaper and drink coffee, wash the cup, read A to Z to my son, and then when I come back it might be ready - or it might have installed updates and restarting.

Oh so you recommend trying windows 2007? And I have to pay for it. Naah - I think I have had enough with Windows OSes the past decade. 

Now I have Ubuntu on the other partition and it blazes - takes full advantage of the hardware that is offerred to it. I am going to format this machine with just Ubuntu in another couple of weeks. Wish chrome is ready for linux soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mr. "Ad"vani

Hello Mr.Advani - err.."Ad"vani. You are killing me. You are there everywhere - wired posts, slashdot posts, lifehacker posts. One Mr.Obama had tremendous success by working the internet machine - but it will not work for you. Here is why.

1. Ads annoy people - especially if it is not targetted. Why should a prosperous India ad show up when I am reading about Pirate bay's defence or some tech forum topic.  If I am reading about a political blog or on some serious concern related to India then there is some sense. Just throwing money and plastering an ad everywhere will not work. 

2. Is it a wholesome media campaign or your campaign team has bought a big bag of google adwords? I close my laptop, open Indian Express and if I read some thought provoking Ad it will sure impress me. 

3. The "How" is missing. I agree Mr.Advani will try to make India strong prosperous and all that. And so are Mr.Manmohan Singh, Mayawati, Jalalalitha, Laloo etc.  - but "how" is what I want to know. Answer me - either in your speeches, print ads or even in those google ads. People are way too smart to be brainwashed these days.

So till then please stop these ads - they are doing more damage than you guys can imagine.